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Hey there! We are so excited to team up with you to get in front of a whole new audience of designers who cannot wait to meet you and become your newest raving fans!

The Simply Profitable Designer Summit is a transformational one week event that will help designers take what they’re already doing in their business and apply your expert strategies in a way that will allow them to simplify, while becoming more efficient, profitable, and stress-free.

Founded by Krista Miller of Summit in a Box back in 2017 and now hosted by Shannon Mattern of the Web Designer Academy and Profitable Web Designer Podcast, the Simply Profitable Designer Summit is one of THE BEST education events for designers out there.

Our #1 goal is to make participating in the Summit super easy and fun for you, while giving you plenty of opportunities to attract new designers and entrepreneurs to your audience.

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of resources meant to make your life as a speaker as easy as possible and answer any questions you might have. If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at hello@simplyprofitabledesigner.com

If you've been a part of events including webinars, summits, or other collaborative offerings and found that they didn't go so smoothly or benefit you as a speaker, I encourage you to check out what past speakers have had to say!

As a speaker, you'll also get free access to the Designer Power Pack as an extra "thank you" in addition to affiliate commissions!

To learn more about Shannon and how she came to be the host of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit, check out this announcement.

Quick Access Links

Important Dates

Here’s a roundup of our key dates:

  • Basic speaker information due: January 19, 2024
  • Presentation due: February 9, 2024
  • Power Pack contribution information: February 9, 2024
  • Promotion period: March 4-18, 2024
  • Summit dates: March 18-22, 2024
  • Power Pack cart closes: March 24, 2024
  • Affiliate payouts: March 31, 2024

How it'll all work

Let’s do a quick rundown of how the whole thing will work.

The event

The event will happen on Monday, March 18 - Friday, March 22, 2024 with 7-8 pre-recorded presentations running each day. These presentations will include 30-40 minutes of content (with up to a 3-minute pitch) and a live chat.

While the presentations themselves are pre-recorded, speakers are encouraged to attend their presentation time live to interact with attendees in the chatbox.


Along with the live presentations, there will be a Facebook group for attendees to connect with each other and ask all of us additional questions. If attendees have good questions while your presentation is going on, you can choose to go live in the Facebook group for a bit of an encore to answer those questions, connect with the attendees, and provide even more value (optional).

Live calls

There will also be a mix of live, interactive calls for purchasers of the Designer Power Pack. Attendance as a speaker isn't required, but of course you're more than welcome to join us to network with attendees!


Leading up to the summit, we’ll have two weeks of promotion. You’ll be provided with email swipe copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy! We'll also give you suggested posting/sending schedule for you to make promo easy to outsource to a VA.

As a speaker, we ask that you share the Summit as much as you can because it's the collective promotion of all the speakers that brings everyone new leads and subscribers!

Speakers who have promoted more in the past have made thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions (our record is $7k to one speaker). Yay!

Invite Your Audience and Make $$$

During the promotion phase of the Summit, we'll be promoting the All-Access Pass and Designer Power Pack. The All-Access Pass includes lifetime access to the Summit presentations, and the Designer Power Pack includes lifetime access to presentations as well as some bonuses we'll all team up to throw in.

When you invite your audience to the Summit using your affiliate link, you have the chance to earn up to 50% commissions on All-Access Pass and Designer Power Pack Sales. In the past we've paid out over $16,000 in commissions to speakers from a single event!

After the Summit, I’ll be opening up applications for my business coaching program for web designers (Web Designer Academy) to attendees who have shown interest - and you'll also earn a $500 commission on any enrollments from Summit attendees you’ve referred!

What we'll need from you

So this all sounds great, buuuut what kind of work does it require of you? Let’s chat about it! My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value and growing our audiences!

1. Basic Information - DUE January 9, 2024

The first thing I’ll need is some information from you so I can finish up our registration page and Speakers page.

Once you give me the thumbs up that you’re in, I’ll send you a link where you can upload all this information easily.

Within that questionnaire, I'll also ask for an optional prize to give away to one engaged attendee. The prize is totally optional but must be different from a Designer Power Pack contribution if you choose to include it. This will give us extra opportunities to shout you out to attendees!

2. Presentation - due February 9, 2024

Next up is your presentation! This is a 30-40 minute pre-recorded presentation that is meant to be actionable and educational rather than promotional! We want our attendees to learn something great while getting to know you in the process.

Please structure your content in a way that allows attendees to walk away feeling like they've really learned something, rather than a webinar format where they feel like they're missing HOW to do something that they need to buy from you asap. For further guidance, check out the first part of this podcast interview Krista Miller of Summit in a Box did with Jessica Rasdall all about creating transformations through your summit presentations!

With that being said, you have your choice of the following presentation formats:

  • Slides
  • No slides (just your gorgeous/handsome face)
  • A mixture of the two

No matter what format you choose, you are free to use your presentation however you’d like in the future.

Your presentation should include great, actionable content. Here’s the suggested format:

  • A super quick introduction
  • An overview of your topic
  • Where people go wrong with your topic and tend to over-complicate it
  • Teaching section
  • Specific action steps (with the goal of simplifying their existing process)
  • Up to a 3-minute pitch (see our tips on getting the most possible opt-ins here)
  • Include questions for attendees to answer in the chatbox throughout to boost engagement

While you are welcome to pitch absolutely anything you'd like, I recommend a freebie that is highly related to your presentation topic and helps them continue to move forward with what they'll learn from your presentation. This will increase the likelihood that they'll opt-in to your email list. From there, you can have a tripwire and funnel set up to start making sales from your new leads right away! We've had speakers make thousands in sales with this strategy within a few days of their presentation going live! There is a guide with more information here. Feel free to email us to brainstorm about a freebie that will perform well or reach out at shannon@simplyprofitabledesigner.com

Find a handy download with all this info in our Presentation Guidelines here.

3. Power Pack Contribution - due February 9, 2024

The Designer Power Pack will be a huge addition to the presentations we’re running and a great way for you to collect additional leads (learn how here) by providing a bonus. This includes things like:

  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Courses (big or small)
  • 1-3 month memberships

(Note: We've sold over 1000 copies of the Power Pack so I do not recommend any type of 1:1 contribution)

It’s totally up to you to decide whether you’d like to create something new or provide something you already have.

While this isn’t required, it’s encouraged that you participate as we've had speakers see 400+ additional opt-ins and $5k-$16k in additional sales. (Please note that coupon codes requiring customers to purchase your offer for a discount cannot be accepted.)

Speakers who do contribute a premium resource (aka not something you're giving away as a freebie on your website) will get a 50% affiliate commission on sales, rather than 40%.

Information for these resources is due along with your presentation. You'll receive a questionnaire to fill out closer to that time to make passing the information to me nice and simple.

Need tips on what kind of bonus converts the best? See all of our tips here.

4. Promotion - March 4 - 18, 2024

The power of an online summit comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause. The collective promotion of all of the speakers is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Promotion is highly encouraged, but since not every speakers' audience is the Summit's target audience, there are no set promotion requirements... but if your audience IS  designers/developers, we highly encourage promotion!

We've had single speakers make over $7000 in affiliate sales in the past. With a nearly 20% conversion rate from sign-ups to sales, it's definitely worth promoting!

You’ll find swipe copy and graphics in the Resource Vault below at least 10 days before the Summit (we'll email them to you as well).

When you do share, be sure to use your affiliate link (which you can set up here) so you can get in on the 40% commission that will come from any sales (50% if you've contributed a bonus).

Do NOT edit the affiliate link we give you or update to the prettier version of the link you get by pasting it into your browser and hitting enter. Anything other than the link given will not track your referrals. You can create a pretty link that leads to the original link we give you with something like the Pretty Links plugin or bit.ly.

I am also happy to collaborate to help you promote. For example, we can take over your Instagram stories, come on your podcast, write a guest newsletter, or do a live in your Facebook group (all with your affiliate link) to help you get some extra conversions! Just reach out at shannon@simplyprofitabledesigner.com

5. Live Participation - March 18-24, 2024

And last comes participation during the week of the event. Since you’ll already have done the work of creating the presentations and extra resources, you’ll be able to sit back and relax for the most part!

We'll assign you a presentation time slot, and we highly encourage you to participate in the chat during your presentation slot if it works with your schedule. It's another chance for you to promote yourself and your business to the Summit attendees!

You're also encouraged to interact in the Facebook group throughout the week not to help attendees stay excited and engaged - but to help you build know like and trust with thousands of new designers too!

Affiliate Details

While summits are great for overall visibility, audience growth and making new connections, a little extra income never hurts either, right?

That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program for the All-Access Pass and Designer Power Pack where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer to the event. Payouts will be made by March 31.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • 40% for all speakers
  • 50% for all speakers who include a premium bonus to the Designer Power Pack
  • After the Summit, I’ll be opening up applications for my business coaching program for web designers to attendees who have shown interest - and you'll also earn a $500 commission on any Web Designer Academy sales from Summit attendees you’ve referred!

The pricing structure will be:

  • All-Access Pass
    • $47 for 1 hour after initial opt-in
    • $77 from March 4-Mar 17
    • $97 from March 18-26
  • Designer Power Pack
    • $97 for 1 hour after initial opt-in
    • $147 from March-Mar 17
    • $197 from March 18-26

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the Resource Vault includes things like email swipe copy, social media copy, and social share graphics.

However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy. Past Simply Profitable Designer summits have had the Power Pack convert between 16-19% so ads are a great way to get some extra traffic using your link!

I am also willing to take over your Instagram stories, do a podcast interview, write a guest newsletter, or do a live in your Facebook group (all with your affiliate link) to help you get some extra conversions!

Just remember to use your affiliate link, which you can create or look up here. (Again, do not use anything other than the link we give you.)

As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.

Resource Vault

Now for those resources I promised to make your life as easy as possible:

Current Action Steps

Phew, that was a lot to cover! You’re awesome for making it this far 🙂

For the sake of clarity, here are your action steps:

  • Provide your basic information once the link comes through
  • Sign up for your affiliate account.
  • Let me know if you have any questions up to this point!

Remember to grab your Speaker Checklist and get things added to your calendar. Because if you’re like me, if it’s not in your calendar it doesn’t exist!

Something we missed? Email us at hello@simplyprofitabledesigner.com!