Simply Profitable Designer Summit

March 18-22, 2024

Discover creative new ways to make your design business simpler, more profitable and more fulfilling.

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Meet Your Host

Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern (she/her)
Three Pillars of a Profitable Design Business

I'm Shannon Mattern, founder of the Web Designer Academy, host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, and I'll be your host for the 2024 Simply Profitable Designer Summit!

I'm so excited you're here, because this year's speaker lineup is next level! You'll find so many genius, creative, refreshing ways to run your design business in this year's Summit... so get ready to get inspired. There's gold in every single presentation!

My goal for you is that when you leave this event, you truly believe what you want for your business and your life is possible, and that you've found strategies that feel aligned and the mentors who can lead you there.

And now, onto your amazing speakers!

Meet Your Speakers

Carli Anna (she/her)
Booking More Profitable Clients (No Matter Their Budget)

For the past 8 years, Carli Anna has been helping creatives master the art of making bank while keeping it real and fun. She believes deeply that it's important for creatives to be paid well for the transformative work they do. When she's not deep in client mode, you'll spot her nose buried in a good book or exploring the hidden gems of Idaho.

Chris Badgett
Earning More: Clients to Profit

Chris Badgett is the CEO and cofounder of LifterLMS, a leading learning management system software solution for WordPress. Chris built a development and marketing agency up to a team of 17 people, and his LMS software business has users in 167 different countries. Chris lives on the coast of Maine on a small organic farm with his wife and 2 daughters.

Michelle Bourbonniere (she/her)
Keyword Research: How to Do it (For Free)

Michelle Bourbonneire is an editor, copywriter, and SEO. She's the founder of Words on the Rise, a company that specializes in small site SEO. Her white-label SEO services include keyword research, content planning, and by-the-page SEO optimization.

Haley Brown
The Mindful Designer: How to Thrive as a Web Designer Without Succumbing to Burnout

Helping web designers <like you> build a bangin’ biz with balance. Work smarter, charge more and live the life you want without overwhelm & fear.

Mat Casner (he/him)
3 Simple Strategies for Making Your Design Business Stable and Profitable

Mat left his corporate cubicle in 2003 and founded his freelance design studio, Redlogic Communications, Inc to be able to spend more time with his young family. 20 years later, Mat is still rocking the soloprenuer life, having served hundreds of brands around the world, with client lifetime values over $1.5M. Today, he mentors other entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers who want to leverage their skills, talents, experiences and passions to find joy, freedom and purpose by launching, growing and scaling a sustainable and profitable business.

Jacob Cass (he/him)
How to Use AI for Branding & Design (Strategy, Moodboards, Logos & More)

Jacob Cass is a brand designer, strategist, educator, business coach, flamingo enthusiast and the founder of JUST Creative, a branding & design consultancy that doubles as an industry-leading blog and community.

Gigi Davarashvili (she/her)
How to Build a Client-Generating Marketing Strategy for 2024 (No Social Media Required!)

Yevgeniya "Gigi" Davarashvili is the founder behind One6Creative, a conversion-focused creative agency helping thought leaders and industry experts make their mark online, connect with their audience, and drive revenue. In addition to running her design studio, Gigi is also a business and marketing educator, empowering fellow creative entrepreneurs to confidently master their business journey and carve out sustainable, successful paths.

Sara Dunn (she/her)
SEO 101: How to Avoid SEO Disasters on Client Websites

Sara Dunn is a former web designer/developer turned full-time SEO specialist. Sara and her team of 7 SEO pros helped their SEO clients get over 1 million visits from search engines last year. After over 10 years in web development and optimizing over 200 websites, Sara has seen and fixed some real SEO disasters created by well-intentioned web designers. She now offers the SEO training that every web designer needs through her SEO For Web Designers Workshop.

Sonia Moroni Duru (she/her)
How To Build a Brand People Will RAVE About

Wildly Creating is a brand consultancy firm for the freedom-obsessed online entrepreneur who is ready to transform their business into a liberating, true-to-self personal brand, and awaken the industry leader within. Sonia, Founder & CEO, is on a mission to guide leaders in infusing themselves into their business so that they can re-invent an audacious, rave-worthy brand that fits like a glove and inspires dream clients to work with them!

Foxtrot Branding ( Cass + Amanda)
Building a Profitable & Fulfilling Design Business With Elevated Project Workflows

Cass & Amanda are Co-Founders and Designers at Foxtrot Branding, a design studio offering strategic branding, packaging, and website design services for visionary ecommerce and lifestyle brands. In addition to working with clients, Cass & Amanda offer courses and coaching that have helped 500+ designers improve their design skills, grow their businesses, and raise their rates.

Jason Gracia (he/him)
Making Millions Building Websites

Jason Gracia is an creator, author, and agency owner with over 20 years experience in the web design space. Having first built the #1 motivation website in the world, he went on to launch a website agency closing in on $2,000,000 in revenue just a few years after launch. He lives in Madison, WI with his wife, Megan, and three kids, Cora, Penny, and Max.

Racheal Graham (she/her)
The Paid Discovery Blueprint: A Proven System for Custom Projects

Racheal Graham is a web designer turned business growth strategist on a mission to help business owners leverage technology to get their businesses growing. Through her agency, GreenHouse Creative, Racheal helps service-based entrepreneurs create hardworking websites and smart operational systems that automate the pants off of their day-to-day, deliver a wow-worthy experience, and get their dream clients to say YES!

Sarah Guilliot (she/her)
How to Add "Sales Page Design" To Your Services (and Make an Extra $2k!)

Sarah Guilliot is a Copywriter + Sales Page Pro (& former designer) with 20 years experience in Web Design & UX Architecture. While in corporate she created sales pages, site architecture, and ad campaigns for tech giants like Microsoft, GoDaddy, and T-Mobile. In her own business she has provided design and copy support for respected leaders such as Shannon Mattern, Paige Brunton, and Steph Crowder. Now, Sarah offers copywriting services (& white label copy support) where she helps Web Designers and Developers get more sales through better copywriting, messaging, and positioning.

Lindsay Halsey (she/her)
Increase Your Recurring Revenue with SEO Services

Lindsay Halsey is the co-founder of Pathfinder SEO, a software for web designers that includes everything you need to offer SEO services. She enjoys helping web designers deliver holistic SEO services that create great results for clients while growing their agency's recurring revenue.

Josh HallJosh Hall (he/him)
Scale Your Web Design Biz (Your Way)

Josh is a web design business coach, podcast host and web agency founder based out of Columbus, Ohio. Through his podcast, YouTube channel, online courses and web design community Web Designer Pro™, he teaches web designers how to build a web design business that gives them freedom and life they love.

Nikki Hamilton (she/her)
AI-Driven Design Success: Using Revolutionary Technology to Overcome Our Most Common Industry Pain Point

Nikki Hamilton, originally from New Zealand and now residing on Australia's Gold Coast, is the creative force behind Seedling Digital and Women Wealth WordPress. Drawing from her diverse background that spans teaching, corporate marketing, and entrepreneurship, Nikki’s digital agency, Seedling Digital, crafts memorable strategic brand identities and custom WordPress websites. In addition to her design work, she champions female web developers with her e-course, Women Wealth WordPress, empowering them with the tools, skills and confidence to launch their own successful web development business.

Emma Kate
5 ChatGPT Power Moves for Designers

Emma is a freelance graphic designer turned web designer who’s now a go-to WordPress coach for designers keen to master the wonderful world of web design.

Through her courses and WP Mavens (her monthly membership for female WordPress designers), Emma helps designers unwrap the mysteries, methods and magic of web design so they can build incredible WordPress websites… for their own design business and for their clients too!

Y’know, in language we can actually understand, without worrying about techie coding, confusion and overwhelm.

‘Cause building WordPress websites needn’t be crazily complicated. Emma saves designers from the stress and melodrama of figuring out WordPress by themselves, so they can confidently build beautiful WordPress websites.

Alia Khatib (she/her)
Building Your Brand Beyond Design Through Personal Branding and Storytelling

I’m a Business and Marketing Consultant for ambitious coaches and service providers who want to go from low incomes months to their first $5000 month I’ve spent over 14 years in the business and marketing world, and now I apply that expertise to help my clients create tailored action plans and systems so they can make giant strides forward from the simplest steps.


Lydia Kitts (she/her)
Conversion Rx: How To Diagnose {and Cure} Client Websites

Lydia is an ex-professor and extra nerdy. Lydia's work focuses on data-driven, human-centered design; website strategy; digital ecosystems; and teaching other creators how to implement design theories like Hick's Law, the Framing Effect, and the Unified Theory of Experience Design. Don't know what those things are? That's okay - she's here to teach you.

Ann Koppuzha 
"Is Your Contract Updated? The Critical Clauses You Need to Add ASAP" and "Master Content Creation with ChatGPT: Top Tips & Tricks Revealed!"

Ann Koppuzha isn't just a writer, lawyer, entrepreneur, and designer; she's a creative force blending her business and legal prowess with an innate passion for creativity and innovation, especially in the digital world. Her holistic approach encompasses legal expertise, digital savviness, and strategic business guidance. She empowers forward-thinking entrepreneurs, dynamic creatives, and influential thought leaders. With Ann, they find a partner dedicated to constructing sustainable businesses that harness their unique talents to illuminate the world.

Sarah Linklater (she/her)
Sort Ya Systems: A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your Web Design Processes

Sarah started Designer Admin because she noticed that while there are a whole lotta very talented designers in our industry, the admin side of the business isn’t everyone’s forte. After all, we didn’t become designers because we were good at writing invoices and managing clients! She strongly believes that if you have strong admin foundations in place, your projects will run more smoothly and you will have more time and headspace to focus on the creative side of your business.

Sarah Masci (she/her)
Avoid These 5 Day Rate and Design Intensive Pitfalls with the Pitfall Prevention Plan

Sarah is the CEO and Founder of Day Rate Mastery®, an online company that teaches expert service providers how to work less and make more with a streamlined “VIP Day” business model. Years of running a traditional design business, filled with scope creep, inconsistent timelines and overlapping client projects, eventually resulted in classic burnout– becoming the catalyst that sparked Sarah’s desire to create a better process. Since its inception in 2019, Day Rate Mastery® has helped thousands of freelancers rediscover joy in their work and the freedom they’d lost along the way.

Chaitra Radhakrishna - Pinkpot Studio (she/her)
How To Consistently Book $10k+ Websites Using Website Strategy

Chaitra is the founder of Pinkpot Studio, a Shopify design studio for product-based businesses. After taking a long maternity break, she got to rebuilding her design studio in Jan 2020 and within a year was able to scale her income to 6-fig by booking consistent high-end $10K website projects while working less than 20 hours/week. She believes that being kind, doing good work and working from a place of rest can go a long way in growing a business. She is on a mission to help other web designers raise their prices, design high-end websites and scale their income doing what they love.

Morgan Rapp (she/her)
Automate Selling your High-Ticket Service

Morgan is a 7 figure entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in digital business consulting & marketing. She's passionate about supporting online entrepreneurs, service providers, and content creators transform their expertise and knowledge into online thriving businesses.

As a mom recently diagnosed with ADHD & wrangling 5 kiddos on the daily, she's discovered the power of 1-to-many offers, funnels, automation, AI and streamlined systems ( lots of caffeine doesn't hurt either! ) .

She's successfully created multiple income streams including services to coaching to courses, and wants to empower others to earn more without working harder.

Her driving mission as a coach and strategist isn’t just about profit... it's about helping you uncover your distinct value, passions, and leveraging it to build a scalable, more enjoyable, and financially rewarding business that supports your lifestyle & creates a healthy work-life balance.

Whether she’s guiding folks to grow, monetize and systemize their digital businesses or helping established business owners create more profit, products & sales funnels, her passion is continually fueled by seeing clients thrive—personally and professionally.

Kady SandelKady Sandel (she/her)
Business Blueprint for $10k+ Design Clients

Kady Sandel is a business coach for designers and the founder of Aventive Academy, an online platform that teaches graphic, brand, and web designers how to reach $20k+ months in a simple & sustainable way. She is the CEO of her branding agency Aventive Studio as well as the host of The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast.

Steve Schramm (he/him)
Subscription Web Design: How to Transform Your Agency into a Recurring Revenue Machine

Steve Schramm is the owner of Skyview Marketing and Pro Membership Sites, two boutique web design agency brands. He’s also the host of the Subscription Web Design podcast where he helps web designers create a subscription model to scale their businesses and create long-term recurring revenue. With Subscription Web Design, web designers and agencies can break the feast-or-famine cycle and finally create scalable, predictable revenue to support the business and lifestyle you've always wanted.

Katie Lynn Sears (she/her)
How to Work with a Squarespace Developer

Katie Lynn has been building websites for five years and fell in love with creating stunning custom-coded Squarespace sites. She works alongside her twin sister and photographer Laura Grace to create cohesive brand visuals for modern business owners who care about quality, ease, and function.

As a designer, she has a deep understanding of the passion for creating something beautiful and unforgettable.

As a developer, she has a drive to figure out how to execute difficult designs without hindering a client’s ability to edit their own site.

And as a business owner, she understands the focus on building a sustainable and lucrative business model.

She is trying to pinpoint where artistry, functional design, and profitable business ownership come together.

Tanessa Shears (she/her)

Unlock the Power of Your Brain: Optimize Your Health, Energy & Performance for More Productive Days In Your Business

Tanessa Shears helps business owners optimize their health, energy and performance by building sustainable routines that fit into your busy, entrepreneurial lifestyle. She works closely with her clients to help eliminate brain fog, improve focus, and wake up well rested so they can get more done in less time and feel better than they have in years. Tanessa is the host of The Becoming Limitless Podcast, sharing her expertise on optimizing health and focus for business success.

Danbee Shin
How to Get Clients Consistently as a Freelance Designer

Danbee Shin is a mentor for web designers based in Switzerland. Through her signature course, The Fast Track System, she helps web designers streamline their client processes so they can build profitable businesses without overworking. She also supports web designers through 1-on-1 mentorship, helping them charge more and sell more while showing up as their whole selves.

Danbee draws from her experience growing her 6-figure web design business and working directly with high-profile clients at Fortune 500 companies.

Andrea Shirey (she/her)
A Designer’s Roadmap to Drive Business Growth with Accessibility Training

Andrea is the CEO of One Nine Design and a veteran in the marketing world with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. Certified in website accessibility, her expertise encompasses creating inclusive and compelling websites for nonprofits and small businesses and developing sustainable marketing systems to move organizations forward. She is a regular speaker at local and regional events, serves on several boards, and is a trusted advisor to several nonprofits. Andrea spends her free time reading great books, planning travel, working toward her fitness goals, walking her dog all over town, and hanging out with her family.

Tiffany Souhrada (she/her)
Planning Productivity, and Periods

Tiffany is a certified period coach and a planning & productivity mentor who is on a mission to tackle the taboo and bring more flow into our lives as entrepreneurs. After experiencing burnout trying to hustle her way to success, Tiffany found a new way of working that allows her to follow the natural ebbs and flows of her cycle. Now she she supports other creative,service-based, entrepreneurs as they abandon the hustle and embrace the superpower that allows them to live and work in flow.

Michelle Steward (she/her)
Debt as a Business Ally: A New & Healthy Perspective on Debt for Creative Business Growth

Michelle Steward is an innovative visionary with a unique blend of financial expertise, creative insight and a passion for empowering brand, graphic and web designers with uplifting financial beliefs & powerful financial strategies. With a background as a former financial advisor to small business owners, Michelle also brings a wealth of knowledge in utilizing financial therapy concepts to coach and consult entrepreneurs on rewiring their mindset for a healthy and expansive relationship with money. As a provider of CFO and tax planning services to small businesses, Michelle is dedicated to helping designers not only navigate financial challenges but transform them into opportunities for growth.

Drawing from her extensive experience as the former owner of a design & marketing agency, where she collaborated with business owners to craft compelling brands and digital experiences, she intimately understands the unique hurdles faced by designers. Through a powerful synthesis of financial acumen and design thinking, Michelle is committed to guiding designers on a transformative journey—turning financial worries into strategic tools for building thriving, sustainable businesses.

Mindy Vasalle (she/her)
Passive Income with Template Creation Using Showit

I’m Mindy. Showit Pro & Design Business Coach who is fueled by equal parts creative direction, design, and passion for helping new designers. I'm a Certified Showit design partner who specializes in building Showit Canvas Collections for both Showit users and designers over at the Site Canvas Studio (my second creative business).

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