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Shannon Mattern

Welcome - I'm so happy you're here!

In case we haven't met, I'm Shannon Mattern. I'm the founder of the Web Designer Academy, where we help designers work less and make more money, host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, and your new host of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit (founded back in 2017 by the amazing Krista Miller of Summit In a Box).

Back when I was a freelance web designer, I was chronically undercharging, overdelivering and overworking. The freedom I wanted to create by being my own boss seemed to be an illusion.

The problem was that I still had an employee-mindset that I'd unknowingly brought with me into my design business.

When I finally shifted into running my web design business instead of letting it run me, everything changed. I began to value my knowledge, skills and ideas even though I was self-taught. I stepped out of the role of pixel-pusher and into the role of valuable consultant. I set boundaries with clients, raised my prices and became more selective about who got to work with me.

My dream for this transformational, educational event is for each and every one of you to believe deeply in the value of what you create for your clients, love every second you spend working in and on your business, and create an abundance of time and money so that you can live the life you've always wanted.

And when you believe in you and your value, everything else - marketing, selling and delighting your clients becomes... simple. Profitable. And sustainable.

I can't wait for you to see what all is in store for you here. But for now, onto your amazing speakers!

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Meet Your Speakers

Shannon Mattern

2023 State of the Web Design Industry Keynote

Shannon Mattern has been coaching + mentoring web designers for 6+ years to create profitable, sustainable and scalable web design businesses.

She's the founder of the Web Designer Academy where she teaches simple yet powerful marketing tactics combined with innovative and authentic sales strategies to freelance web designers so they can increase their revenue (without increasing their workload).

Shannon's mission is to help freelance designers create freedom, flexibility, financial independence and impact.

Alia Khatib (she/her)
Is LinkedIn the Right Platform for Your Business? How to Get Started

Business and Marketing Strategist & Coach | She helps high achievers build a successful online biz & earn consistent $5K months through business, sales, and marketing strategies

Anchen le Roux (she/her)
Create An On Demand Info Session Funnel to Book Out Your Design Services

Anchen runs Simply Digital Design, a boutique studio that focuses on Summit, Funnel and Website Development on the VIP Intensive Model. She's been an avid contributor to the WordPress community for the last 7 years. Besides organizing WordCamps, speaking, and contributing to Core, she loves speaking at, hosting and producing Summits. She is the creator of the 30 Day Summit Site Bootcamp and Summit SiteKick all the Page templates, brand assets and step by step videos to create your Summit platform on WordPress.

Andréa Jones (she/her)
How to Build a Social Media Strategy You'll Actually Stick With

Andréa Jones is the social media strategist who helps coaches and experts go from stuck to strategic, passion-led powerhouses and visionary thought leaders with her simple approach to social media: “take one little step each day. Build your social media savvy over time.”

Cameron McBeth (he/him)
Dubsado for Designers

Cameron McBeth is the Director of Education at Dubsado. He has a strong passion for educating business owners on how to use the platform to its fullest capacity and enhancing the way they use systems within their day-to-day operations. He is an expert at breaking down your current business process and figuring out ways to make your repetitive tasks automated and organized. Cameron has been working at Dubsado for 5+ years and thrives on helping users find that “lightbulb moment” where everything clicks!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned systems veteran, Cameron can help with tips and tricks to have Dubsado be the assistant that does everything but get you coffee.

Danbee Shin (she/her)
Bring Your Whole Self to Work: How to Grow Your Design Business Without Hiding Who You Are

Danbee creates inclusive websites for online coaches. As a mentor, she helps other web designers build successful businesses while showing up as their full selves. She works with web designers who want to make money and impact while being present in their lives.

Emma Kate
7 Steps to More Money & Less Stress in your Web Design Biz

Emma is a graphic designer turned web designer who’s now a go-to WordPress educator and geeky girl next door for designers keen to master the wonderful world of web. Through her online courses and WP Mavens (her monthly membership for female WordPress designers), Emma helps designers unwrap the mysteries, methods and magic of web design so they can build beautiful and brag-worthy WordPress websites… for their own design businesses and for their clients too! … Y’know, in language we can actually understand, without worrying about techie coding, web dev jargon, mansplaining and overwhelm. ‘Cause building WordPress websites needn’t be crazily complicated. Emma saves designers from the stress and melodrama of figuring out web dev by themselves, so they can confidently build beautifully-designed WordPress websites.

Erin Perkins
Designing for Inclusion: Breaking Barriers Through Design Panel

Erin Perkins is a deafblind entrepreneur, disabled rights activist, and accessibility educator dedicated to making the business world more inclusive. Her fierce advocacy comes from her life experiences as a deaf woman and owner of a small online business, Mabely Q. Though she founded Mabely Q in 2018 as a graphic designer and online business manager, Erin’s true gift is working with CEOs who want to lead by example. Whether she’s teaching via a keynote speech, private workshop, or one-on-one consulting, Erin freely shares her experiences as a deaf woman with others to help make the world a more inclusive place for others with disabilities. She has captured audiences with her empathetic, patient style as a speaker to groups like The Rising Tide Society, Altared, Shine, Wedding Industry Professional Association, Girl Geek Elevate, Simply Profitable Designer Summit, Blogger Breakthrough Summit, and others.

Josh Hall
How to get AWESOME Web Design Clients

Josh is first and foremost a husband and father (x3) who lives and works from home with his family in Columbus Ohio. Professionally, he’s a web design business coach, podcast host and web agency founder.

Josh was a professional web designer who built and scaled his own agency for a decade before selling it in 2020 to focus full time on teaching other aspiring web designers on how to build businesses of their own.

Through his online courses, podcast, YouTube channel, he teaches web designers how to build their dream web design business that gives them freedom and life they love.

Julia Taylor
The Unconventional (hidden in plain sight) Lead & Recurring Revenue Source… That Digital Marketers Haven’t Yet Discovered

Julia and her team are on a mission to empower over 100,000 women learning tech skills in their supportive community! She is a (former) military wife, self-taught web developer, lover of location independence, and a passionate advocate for women in tech! In the pursuit of her own career and career progression, she taught herself how to code. It was love at first sight and learning this one skill has changed her life in ways that she never thought possible.

Kady Sandel
Craft Your Signature $10K Offer

Kady Sandel is a business coach for designers and the founder of Aventive Academy, an online platform that teaches graphic, brand, and web designers how to reach $20k+ months in a simple & sustainable way. She is the CEO of her branding agency Aventive Studio as well as the host of The Profitable Graphic Designer podcast.

Laura Kåmark
Love Design but Hate Development? Best practices for working with a developer to bring your designs to life

Website and tech integrations specialist for business owners who love their work but NOT their website. I help coaches and consultants so they feel empowered to show up online and take their business to the next level. I also partner with brand and web designers who want to stay in their zone of genius and outsource the development and tech to me.

Lauren Newton (she/her)
The Local SEO Blueprint: A Proven Framework for Attracting Local Clients

Lauren has been working in the web industry for 15 years and helps businesses build and grow their online presence organically. She offers Web Design, UX and local SEO services. Whether a business needs a local presence with a well designed, intuitive website or simply needs an audit and guidance on a solid online strategy, she can lead the project to success.

Leigh Scott (she/her)
Maximize Your Conversion Efforts: Prioritizing the Customer Over the Click

Leigh Scott is the founder of Zainatain, a conversion rate optimization and web design company based in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not collecting anything with Frida Kahlo on it, she channels her creative streak into helping organizations develop innovative digital solutions to accelerate their business growth. Her background working for a diverse set of companies - from start-ups to Fortune 500, coffee shops to global airlines, cubicles to houseboats, Shanghai to Dubai - allows her to bring a unique perspective to every challenge. With her International MBA credentials under one arm, a quad-shot latte in hand, and her passport tucked away for safekeeping so she doesn’t lose it …again (hey, it happens!), Leigh is always ready for an adventure. Let's go!

Mat CasnerMat Casner (he/him)
Expert Positioning For Premium Profits

Mat Casner has been teaching and mentoring designers for the past five years, to build successful, sustainable, and scalable freelance design businesses. He is the founder of Freelance CEO and the IGNITE Design Business Academy and Accelerator, where he teaches web, brand, and graphic designers how to grow a profitable freelance design business with basic yet effective marketing tactics along with proven and effective sales strategies. Mat loves to help designers achieve financial independence, freedom and flexibility so they can in turn positively impact their world.

Melissa BurkheimerMelissa Burkheimer (she/her)
3 Simple Brand Strategies to Get Your Design Offers Noticed

Melissa Burkheimer is the CEO + Conversion Design Director of Melissa Burkheimer Studios and Host of The Design Business Show. We design brands and create buzz building strategies for product launches.

Miriam Nabinger (she/her)
Designing for Inclusion: Breaking Barriers Through Design Panel

Miriam is a passionate digital accessibility coach and experienced product designer. She educates digital product teams and companies on creating accessible user experiences. Whether through trainings, workshops or consulting, she is committed to spreading the importance of accessibility in all aspects of design and development.

Renee Hribar (she/her)
Sales Strategy for Designers: How to Sell Even If You Hate Sales

Renee Hribar has been a sales professional since 1994 in New York. Making her first million before she was 25 years old, she has gone on to sell millions of dollars in products and services and train thousands to sell for the first time. She is known in her industry as a fun, energetic sales coach who leads with heart. A TEDx speaker who offers training sessions at global conferences, on-demand courses and virtual workshops, she skillfully breaks down her decades of sales expertise. With her one-of-a-kind "laugh & learn" teaching style, you will certainly gain a new view of the "softer side of sales".

Rhodesia Jackson (she/her)
Make Inclusivity Part of Your Process

Rhodesia Jackson is a graphic and web designer and owner of Rhodesia J Designs. She helps feminist entrepreneurs bring inclusivity to their businesses through design, marketing, and education.

Sarah Masci (she/her)
$50/hour to $3K/day with Day Rates: Debunking your Skepticism, Fears & Disbelief

Sarah Masci is the CEO and founder Day Rate Mastery®, an online company that teaches creative service providers how to work less, and make more with a streamlined Day Rate or VIP Day business model. Years of running a traditional design business, filled with scope creep, inconsistent timelines and overlapping client projects, eventually resulted in classic burnout– becoming the catalyst that sparked my desire to create a better process. Since its inception in 2019, Day Rate Mastery® has helped thousands of freelancers rediscover joy in their work and the freedom they’d lost along the way.

Rache Araja-De Luna (she/her)
Build Websites with Ease: Creating an Efficient Web Design Process

Rache Araja - De Luna is the web designer, developer, and educator behind Squarestylist. She developed her flagship programs, Standout Squarespace and Standout Shopify, to help designers stand out with skills and create the unexpected.

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