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The Simply Profitable Designer Summit was action-packed with amazing speakers sharing how you can take what you're already doing and simplify it to become both more efficient and profitable.

During the live event, designers made huge strides in their business and I don't want you to miss out on that!


With the Simply Profitable Designer Summit Presentations you get...

Ongoing access to 39 presentations ($1400+ value)

180 page workbook with presentation notes, action steps, and worksheets for each presentation ($200 value)

That's $1600+ in trainings and resources for $97!

The Speakers

Here are the incredible + actionable presentations you'll get instant access to:


Shannon Mattern
How to Get Your First Web Design Client

Keshia White
How to Attract Clients Without Offering Discounts

Melanie Lea
How to Show Your Face and Stand Out to Sell Through Your Content

Andréa Jones
Social Media for Designers (Made Easy!)

Steph Wharton
Increase Word of Mouth and Become a Client Referral Machine

Melissa Burkheimer
Go from Undiscovered Creator to Launch Celebrity: How to Get Hired to Work on High-Ticket Launches

Ariel Garcia
Discovering Your Designer Magic

Day 2: Sales Processes that Book Clients

Aleia Walker
How to Grow your Design Business with an Email Funnel

Jason Resnick
Build Your Sales Pipeline To Avoid The Feast and Famine Cycle

Mat Casner
Listening for Sales: The Secret to Closing More Profitable Sales With Ease

Carli Anna
From Ghosted to 10k+ Bookings: Up-level Your Sales Process!

Jacob Cass
Strategic Lead Funnels That Will 3x Your Profits

Foxtrot Branding
Sales Call Strategies That Get Clients to Book Your High-Ticket Service

Day 3: Your Elevated Client Experience

Abbey McGrew
4 Secrets to Creating an Expert-Level Process

Hayley Fedders
How to Create an Onboarding Process That Helps You and Your Client Have a Successful Experience

Krystal Clark
8 Steps to Streamlining your Signature Service into a Signature Experience

Gigi Davarashvili
Most Common Difficult Client Situations: How to Deal with Them Professionally and, Ideally, Avoid Them All-Together

Xanthe Appleyard
How to Compassionately Cut Ties with a Client or Collaborator

Day 4: Signature Design Techniques + Strategies

Fiona Humberstone
Using Color Psychology to Take the Uncertainty Out of Brand Design

Dave Hopkins
How to Include Print in Brand Design + Why You are Wrong if You Don't

Laura Evans
Your Guide to Profitable Packaging Design Projects

Marisa Messick
Brand Strategy for Designers: How to Master the 4 Essential Steps

Lydia Kerr
Elevating Your Brand Process to Book More High-Budget Clients

Rache de Luna
How to Make Squarespace Websites Stand Out

Olivia Herrick
The Daily Design Practice Workshop: Harness Your Creativity + Improve Your Design Skills

Day 5: Boost Profits without sacrificing balance

Franzine Elaine
Run an Efficient & Profitable Business Without Working Long Hours

Morgan Rapp
Take the Guesswork Out of Pricing Your Services

Avani Miriyala
Roadmap to Doubling Profits in Your Design Business

Chelsea Blackwell
How to Set Boundaries in Your Design Business for Increased Profit

Chaitra Radhakrishna
Designing High-End Websites Using Adobe XD

Morgan Brewer
5 Steps to a Life-Giving Design Business

In addition to daily themes, we'll have one presentation each day to help
do the work and be better in your design business.

Rhodesia Jackson
Inclusivity for Designers

Erin Perkins
+ Alisa Herr

Making Your Website Inclusive & Accessible

Emma Fanning
Green Design 101: Making Your Design Work Eco-Friendly

Atarsha McMillian
Creating a Memorable Gift Giving Experience for Your Clients

From the vault
Each day, we'll bring back one of last year's most popular presentations from the Vault!

Amber Crudup
Pricing with Purpose in Your Design Business

Erin Flynn
The Shortcut Framework: 4 Steps to Working Less & Living More

Sarah Masci
Getting Started with Day Rates

Krista Miller
Profitable Design Retainers

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are *not* going to want to miss this offer.

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