How to Work with a SquareSpace Developer

Katie Lynn Sears

The image shows a smiling person with short hair, wearing a black shirt with straps, against a neutral background, bathed in soft, contrasting light.

Katie Lynn has been building websites for five years and fell in love with creating stunning custom-coded Squarespace sites. She works alongside her twin sister and photographer Laura Grace to create cohesive brand visuals for modern business owners who care about quality, ease, and function.

As a designer, she has a deep understanding of the passion for creating something beautiful and unforgettable.

As a developer, she has a drive to figure out how to execute difficult designs without hindering a client’s ability to edit their own site.

And as a business owner, she understands the focus on building a sustainable and lucrative business model.

She is trying to pinpoint where artistry, functional design, and profitable business ownership come together.

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