Presentations By Experience Level

Wondering which presentations to go to based on your experience level? Here are some suggestions!

Please note that some of these are truly great for all experience levels, but I did my best to choose one for each.


  • Inclusivity for Designers with Rhodesia Jackson (available here)
  • Making Your Website Inclusive & Accessible with Erin Perkins and Alisa Herr (available here)
  • Green Design 101: Making Your Design Work Eco-Friendly with Emma Fanning (available here)
  • Focused: How to Claim Your Time, Get More Done, and Do Less Better with Megan Flatt (Monday at 8am CDT)
  • 5 Favorite Design Business Automations with Morgan Brewer (Monday at 9am CDT)
  • SOPs 101: Your Very Own Business Instruction Manual with Rachel Haley (Monday at 10am CDT)
  • Get Free Design Clients from Google with Meg Casebolt (Tuesday at 8am CDT)
  • How to Build a Social Media Strategy You'll Actually Stick With with Andréa Jones (Tuesday at 11am CDT)
  • Leveraging Collaborations to Attract Paying Clients with Steph Wharton (Tuesday at 1pm CDT)
  • 3 Simple Content Ideas To Get More Clients with Melanie Lea (Tuesday at 3pm CDT)
  • Principles of Profit + A Thriving Design Business with Amber Crudup (Thursday at 9am CDT)
  • Will Your Creative Idea Work? How to Test For Success Before You Launch with Michelle Hickey (Thursday at 3pm CDT)
  • Take the Guesswork Out of Typography and Elevate Your Designs with Mai Knoblovits (Friday at 9am CDT)
  • Launch Your Design Business In 6 Weeks with Amanda & Cassidy (Friday at 10am CDT)
  • 3 Techniques for Creating More Polished + Professional Graphics with Allison Burns (Friday at 1pm CDT)
  • Find Your Perfect-Fit Community of Designers with Melissa Perkins (Friday at 2pm CDT)
  • How to Develop a Unique (& Memorable) Brand with Personality with Jacob Cass (Friday at 3pm CDT)


  • Finding Your Unique Design Superpower by Doing Less with Morgan Rapp (Monday at 11am CDT)
  • Booked Out Without Burn Out with Cat Byrne (Monday at 3pm CDT)
  • How To Attract Consistent $10k Clients With the Marketing Snowball with Chaitra Radhakrishna (Tuesday at 9am CDT)
  • Produce a Blockbuster Design Offer That Attracts Dream Clients Who Can’t Wait to Work With You with Melissa Burkheimer (Tuesday at 10am CDT)
  • How to Create a Simple Evergreen Marketing Funnel on Instagram Using Video with Latesha Lynch (Tuesday at 2pm CDT)
  • Simplify & Scale with VIP Days with Sarah Masci (Wednesday at 8am CDT)
  • Elevating your Client Experience and Streamlining your Process with a CRM System with Kelli Esquilin (Wednesday at 9am CDT)
  • How to Run Confident Discovery Calls that Convert with Gigi Davarashvili (Wednesday at 10am CDT)
  • How to Streamline Your Web Design Process with Rache Araja - De Luna (Wednesday at 1pm CDT)
  • Refining your Client Journey to Create an Extraordinary Client Experience with Shayne Benson (Wednesday at 2pm CDT)
  • Creating Brand Guidelines Clients Actually Understand with Melissa Yeager (Wednesday at 3pm CDT)
  • How to Charge Premium Prices (+ Get Them)! with Shannon Mattern (Thursday at 8am CDT)
  • Metrics That Put You in Control of Your Client Load and Cash Flow with Lauren Gonzalez (Thursday at 11am CDT)
  • High-End Project Proposals: How to Create a Proposal That Converts Like Crazy with Hayley Fedders (Thursday at 2pm CDT)


  • Create An On-Demand Info Session Funnel to Book Out Your Design Services with Anchen le Roux (Monday at 1pm CDT)
  • How Partnering with a Copywriter Will Help You Make More Money While Doing Less Work with Raeah Carroll (Monday at 2pm CDT)
  • My Zero-Revision Design Process with Lucinda Nixon (Wednesday at 11am CDT)
  • The Ridiculously Simple 6-Figure Design Business Plan with Mat Casner (Thursday at 10am CDT)
  • Book Out Your Design Services with a Virtual Summit with Krista Miller (Friday at 8am CDT)
  • The Anatomy of a Sales Page with Kelsey McCormick (Friday at 11am CDT)


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