Simply Profitable Designer Summit

Get in front of our engaged audience of brand and web designers

The Simply Profitable Designer summit is a unique advertising opportunity to get in front of a designer-specific audience who aren’t used to being advertised to in this way. Our audience is eager to learn more information about strategies and products that will make designing easier, get better results for their clients, and added revenue for themselves. While it will bring you exposure and awareness, we will also work to create interest and engagement with our audience and we’re willing to work with you to reengage your existing audience as well!.

March 23-27, 2020

What is the Simply Profitable Designer Summit?

The Simply Profitable Designer Summit was created to help female brand and web designers in their first 3 years of business realize that they can run more efficient, highly-profitable, and stress-free business with the right strategies and tools.

This demographic is the 24-35 female running her own brand and/or web design business, primarily in the US.

More importantly, we reach passionate and motivated designers who are working to perfect their offers, find a process that delivers the best results for their clients, become more efficient and profitable, and do it all easily.

How does it all work?

We've experimented through our last 3 summits to create the most engaging event possible for our attendees, speakers, and now you! Here are some important details:


A 5-day virtual event featuring a group of industry expert presentations each day

Community Support

An attendee-only Facebook group where the most engagement happens

Create packages that sell

The ability to upgrade to either an all-access pass or large bundle of resources for designers

Design a sales page that converts

2 co-working sessions for those who upgrade to take action on what they've learned

Co-working day

2 networking sessions for those who upgrade to meet and connect with fellow designers

our main message: It can be simple.

See more about the event on our in-progress registration page.

About Our Audience

  • Brand and web designers in business for any length of time - the majority around 2 years
  • 70% run their business full time. The other 30% have part-time or full-time jobs in addition to their design business.
  • 97% women
  • Majority between 24-35
  • 70% from the US
  • Other countries represented include Australia (8%), United Kingdom (8%), Canada (6%) with other worldwide viewers in smaller numbers
  • Willing to invest in resources that will help them do their job easily and deliver high-quality results to clients
  • Looking to avoid coding their own websites or investing in a developer
  • Value community, learning high-quality information, and feeling like their work is understood
  • They expect to come away with a simpler business, more clients, the feeling of making progress, an action plan, improved offerings

Who We're Looking to Collaborate With

We're looking for the perfect companies to collaborate with and put in front of our engaged audience.

Value Community

The power of our summit, that is admittedly on the smaller side, is just how much our attendees value community and being a part of something bigger. We're looking for companies who care about their community as much as we do.

Value Efficiency

Our audience has the basics of running a design business down, have clients coming in, and now want to make it all simple and efficient. We want to introduce them to companies that will make their designs more effective and easier to create.


Our audience is made 100% of brand and web designers, running their own business. We want to show them companies that can bring value specifically to them and value the importance of design.

Design Freedom

While our audience is looking for tools to make their design process easier, they do not want to be limited. They're looking for freedom in their designs without having to code or hire a developer.

Here's what past attendees have to say!


Here's what past speakers have to say!

What I loved most about being a speaker for this summit was how incredibly organized and simple you made it for us AND how engaged the audience was. I had everything I needed, all of my questions answered, and felt so prepared to present and share than I ever have before. Also, this was the MOST engaged audience I've ever had for an online summit. I think it was because you really narrowed down and defined the niche and the people showing up knew they were getting information tailored specifically for them!

Ashley Cox

I loved how easy you made it to participate in this summit. And I've already got sales coming in!

Kory Woodard

This audience was so much more engaged than typical summits. I've already seen a few signups for my workshop and before the summit even started, I was seeing new faces in my Facebook group who came directly from the summit group.

Ashley Gartland

I love that this event got me in front of new designers who I hadn't yet connected with. You made it so easy! I've already sold 4 evergreen courses and signed 2 ongoing coaching clients through my presentation.

Katie Price

Thank you for asking me to be a part of this summit. I'm so impressed with the organization and value that everyone is offering. I've never had so much 1:1 engagement and follow-up from summit attendees before and I know it's because you attracted such an incredible group of speakers and that the audience is so niched. Great job!

Abby Herman

Last Year's Top Speakers

We'll begin pitching 2020 speakers on January 7, 2020 and will have a finalized lineup by January 28. Here's a look at last year's most loved speakers to give you an idea of who we like to work with. These are all people who can speak directly to small businesses and place a high value on good education and community. This year, we will put a stronger focus on speakers who market specifically to designers, as those are the people who bring in the best results.

Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn
The Secret to Charging Premium Prices

Morgan Rapp

Morgan Rapp
6 Steps to Scaling your Design Business

Christine Thatcher
Translate Client Goals Into Strategic Web Design While Navigating Client Opinions

Tiffany Tolliver

Tiffany Tolliver
Designing for Results: How to Build Brands that Increase Exposure & Boost Growth in Your Design Business

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill
Design a Client Experience People Rave About with 3 Simple Systems

Jimmy Rose

James Rose
Using Zapier to Automate Stuff You Shouldn't be Doing

Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa Burkheimer
Sales Page + Conversion Design Your Prospects Can't Wait to Say "Yes" To

Kelsey Baldwin

Kelsey Baldwin
My 6 Favorite New Adobe InDesign Tools That I’m Using to Work Smarter + Faster

Shenee Howard

Shenee Howard
The No-Brainer Offer: Build An Offer So BOMB People Just Buy Without Having To "Think About It"

Krista Miller

Krista Miller
Collaborate With A Developer (A Disaster-Free Approach)

Here's how we'll put you in front of our audience

We will custom tailor each sponsorship package based on how you prefer to get in front of new audiences and how your offers convert best! Here are sample packages:


Ready to advertise at the Simply Profitable Designer Summit? Reply to our original email thread and we'll move forward with the next steps. We can't wait to get you in front of this engaged and unique audience!

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Get your ticket to the Simply Profitable Designer Summit and make your business more efficient, profitable, and stress-free with the help of 40 experts!

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