Simply Profitable Designer Summit

March 17-21, 2025

Discover creative new ways to make your design business simpler, more profitable and more fulfilling.

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Find the design business strategies that are right for you.

recurring revenue strategies

Discover different ways to package and sell your services to create recurring revenue.

Design, Content and Strategy

From AI to CRO to SEO, discover innovative new ways to add value to your clients.

Marketing + Getting Clients

Upgrade your clients and uncover new ways to put yourself out there and never run out of clients.

Scaling Strategies

Discover different ways to scale your design business whether it's growing a team, selling digital products or doing ultra-custom projects.

Upgraded Systems + Processes

Shave hours off your design process, and learn new ways to effectively manage your projects and clients.

Pricing Strategies

Find out creative new ways to price your projects, and learn different strategies for premium pricing.

Sales Strategies

New ways to get more yesses, streamline your sales process and make selling feel way easier.

Personal Branding

Learn different ways you can position yourself and your brand to stand out + call in your best clients.

Avoiding Burnout

Discover creative ways to take better care of the most valuable asset in your business - you.

The Simply Profitable Designer Summit is for you if you're...

A seasoned designer who's been in business for several years.

Get fresh perspectives on scaling (up or back), simplifying, and selling high-ticket projects while working less.

In the first few years of running your design business.

Ideas for breaking through your bottlenecks, increasing your revenue and avoiding burnout.

A designer who's new to freelancing and business.

Creative ways to get clients, package your services, stand out and run projects with confidence.

no matter what stage you're in... we've got what you need.


So much information, jam packed I just loved it! I couldn't sleep last night I was so inspired! I had to limit myself to a few sessions a day so I didn't over do it but it was hard choosing as there was so much gold! Thank you so much!

- Chrystal Fleming, Indigo Ink

Last Year's SESSIONS

Design Business Strategy
create a consistently profitable, sustainable design business.

Carli Anna
Booking More Profitable Clients
(No Matter Their Budget)

Chris Badgett

Earning More: Clients to Profits

A person with long brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt with a subtle design, smiling subtly, against a white background.

Olena Subchuk - Wix Studio Advocate
Establishing Rock-Solid
Client Relationships

Cass + Amanda - Foxtrot Branding

Building a Profitable & Fulfilling Design Business With Elevated Project Workflows

Racheal Graham

The Paid Discovery Blueprint: A Proven System for Custom Projects

Jason Gracia

Making Millions Building Websites

Sarah Guilliot

How to add Sales Pages to your Services (and Make an Extra $2k!)

Josh Hall

Scale Your Web Design Biz
(Your Way)

Chaitra Radhakrishna
How To Consistently Book $10k+ Websites Using Website Strategy

Morgan Rapp

Automate Selling your High-Ticket Service

Kady Sandel

Business Blueprint for $10k+ Design Clients

Steve Schramm

Subscription Web Design: How to Transform Your Agency into a Recurring Revenue Machine

Mat Casner
3 Simple Strategies for
Making Your Design Business
Stable and Profitable

Michelle Steward
Debt as a Business Ally: A New & Healthy Perspective on Debt for Creative Business Growth

Mindy Vasalle

Passive Income with Template Creation Using Showit

simplify your processes for more profit

Michelle Bourbonierre

Keyword Research:
How to Do it for Free

Jacob Cass

How to Use AI for Branding & Design (Strategy, Moodboards, Logos & More)

Sara Dunn

SEO 101: How to Avoid SEO Disasters on Client Websites

Lindsay Halsey

Increase Your Recurring Revenue with SEO Services

Nikki Hamilton

AI-Driven Design Success: Using Revolutionary Technology to Overcome Our Most Common Industry Pain Point

Emma Kate

5 ChatGPT Power Moves for Web Designers

Ann Koppuzha
"Is Your Contract Updated? The Critical Clauses You Need to Add ASAP" and "Master Content Creation with ChatGPT: Top Tips & Tricks Revealed!"

Sarah Linklater

Sort Ya Systems: A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing Your Web Design Biz Processes

Sarah Masci

Avoid these 5 Day Rate and Design Intensive Pitfalls with the Pitfall Prevention Plan

Katie Lynn Sears
How to Work with a Squarespace Developer

Andrea Shirey

A Designer's Roadmap To Drive Business Growth with Accessibility Training

Marketing + Branding Strategy
make finding high-paying, high-quality clients easier

Yevgeniya (Gigi) Davarashvili

How to Build a Client-Generating Marketing Strategy for 2024 (no Social Media required!)

Sonia Moroni Duru

How to Build a Brand People will RAVE About!

Alia Khatib
Building Your Brand Beyond Design: Personal Branding and Storytelling

Lydia Kitts

Conversion Rx: How To Diagnose {and Cure} Client Websites

Danbee Shin
How to Get Clients Consistently as a Freelance Designer

self-care strategy
take care of the most valuable asset in your design business: you.

Haley Brown

The Mindful Designer: How to Thrive as a Web Designer without Succumbing to Burnout

Tanessa Shears

Unlock the Power of Your Brain: Optimize Your Health, Energy & Performance for More Productive Days In Your Business

Tiffany Souhrada

Planning, Productivity, and Periods

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are *not* going to want to miss this event.


It was so inspiring to learn from and interact with designers from all over the world who have either gone through or are going through the same growing pains I am. I am so pumped-up and inspired with everything I learned and I can't wait to put it all into practice!

- Tamar Brown

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Here's what past attendees have to say!

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summit testimonial
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I'm just starting out and this summit was so much more than I could have hoped for. The best part was that I could watch it from my home in Portugal, at the hours I wanted and with speakers that could answer to my many questions and much more. It was amazing and I can't wait to implement what I've learned!

- Ana Zagalo, Zagalo Creative Studio

Meet your host

Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern is the founder of the Web Designer Academy and host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast. Sha has a passion for helping designers like you believe deeply in the value of what you create for your clients, love every second you spend working in and on your business, and create an abundance of time and money so that you can live the life you've always wanted.

Shannon believes that there's no one right way to run your design business... just the way that's right for you! The Simply Profitable Designer Summit will introduce you to creative ways to optimize your design business and fix the pieces of your business that aren’t working well so you can have the profitable, fulfilling design business you deserve!

The Details


The Simply Profitable Designer Summit will run from March 17-21, 2025 with a mix of live sessions and pre-recorded presentations.


I don't know about you, but I prefer to do my hair and leave my house as little as possible. With that being said, you can tune into the summit from the comfort of your couch and yoga pants.


Presentations will be available to watch during summit week for 48 hours after they go live. Presenters will provide you with valuable strategy and action steps so you can map out your next steps. 


You'll have the chance to win prizes throughout the event. In fact, we're playing Bingo right now in the Facebook group. Come on in and join the fun!

Get lifetime access

After registering, you can upgrade to get ongoing presentation access, a workbook, plus the option to get $5k in premium speaker bonuses, and more!

Party It up

You’ll have access to the Facebook group where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to simplify once it kicks off.

Connect with other designers

There are a lot of business-growth summits, training, and workshops for designers out there. So why make time for this one?

First, this is the original summit focused specifically on helping designers with their business. We've been going for 8 years now and it just keeps getting better! This isn't general advice for any creative business out there. Every presentation is specialized for the type of business you run as a designer, making it super practical and easy to implement right away.

More importantly, there's no one right way to run a design business.. there's the way that's right for you. Our goal is to introduce you to lots of creative ways to run your business and make things simpler so that you can choose the ones that align with your lifestyle, strengths, vision and goals.


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