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Designer Power Pack

  • Lifetime access to all presentations on March 21 - no expiration for you! ($1400+ value)
  • Replays of all the Summit's Live Sessions that never expire so you can watch at your convenience.
  • Summit workbook so you can take notes, document your breakthroughs and prioritize action steps ($47 value)
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A person is speaking into a microphone, likely conducting an online class or webinar with text overlays related to marketing and business on digital screens.

Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Series

Shannon Mattern of Web Designer Academy

Get clients consistently, handle any client situation with ease, and get paid more for all you do. Get three in-depth masterclasses with over 10 hours of training (plus proven action steps and word-for-word scripts) so that you can create your next client, handle your bossy, uncooperative clients, charge more with ease and ultimately become a profitable web designer.

List Price: $297

Templates + Scripts

The image depicts a digital tablet displaying a document titled "PATHFINDER SEO - PACKAGING SEO SERVICES," with sections for pricing SEO services and an SEO assessment chart.

Packaging & Pricing SEO Services Worksheets

Lindsay Halsey

Accelerate the launch of your SEO services offering with these worksheets. You'll get:
✅ Worksheet: Packaging SEO Services
✅ Worksheet: Pricing SEO Services
Plus, we'll share completed examples of these, so if you feel stuck along the way, you have added support.

List Price: $275

The image features graphical representations of a laptop and a computer monitor with text related to templates and form files, and a cutout with a person.

Cut the Crappy Clients Pack
Haley Brown

Everything you need to make sure horrible clients don’t slip through the cracks of your screening process and mess with your life.

List Price: $199

Two laptops showing a video call with one person and a sales call worksheet document. The focus is on remote working or online collaboration.

Sales Calls 101 - Workshops + Scripts
Carli Anna

A one of a kind sales system that has booked Carli and her students hundreds of thousands of dollars in client projects. If you're feeling scared to talk about money, leaving a lot of opportunities on the table, not sure how to overcome objections and not feel like a salesy car salesman this is perrrrrfect for you! Our system takes sales from feeling... pitchy (gag), to feeling like a conversation with a friend (and it converts better too!!)

You get:

- 1 hour recorded workshop
- 1 hour recorded of practice sales calls & examples + Q&A
- Sales Call script + worksheet
- Objections cheat sheet
- Illustrator Ai Proposal Template
- Follow up Call script + worksheet
- How to decrease price in a profitable way cheat sheet

List Price: $197

Three digital devices display colorful graphics and text related to web design, brand proposals, and project timelines. The setup suggests workflow management tools for designers.

Web Proposal & Website Sign Off Template Starter Kit
Sarah Linklater

Both templates are available in InDesign, Affinity Designer, Canva and Google Docs, are easily customisable and come with video training and email templates so you can get them up and running in your business, quick smart!

List Price: $108

This image shows a digital resource titled "Mastering the Art of the One-Call Close," a guide with sales call scripts, featuring a photo of a person.

Mastering the Art of the One-Call Close
Morgan Rapp

The One-Call Close is a powerful sales strategy aimed at securing a prospective client's commitment within a single, well-structured conversation. It revolves around nurturing a path that paves a way for empowering clients in their decision making, creating sincere connections, thoroughly understanding the prospect's challenges, and convincingly presenting the solution. Rather than pushing for a sale, it focuses on leading the prospect to discover the value of the solution offered. It's about making sales a dialogue, transforming every call into an opportunity for success. This method not only ensures a higher conversion rate but also reduces the overall resources spent per customer—making your business more profitable.

List Price: $97

A laptop open on a webpage titled "Seedling Digital Strategy Intake" is on a desk with decorative vases nearby, in front of curtains, implying a work setting.

Seedling Notion Client Portal Template

Nikki Hamilton

This in depth questionnaire is more than just a form; it’s a strategic guide to a more comprehensive understanding of each clients needs and goals, and the first stage in harnessing AI technologies like ChatGPT and MidJourney more effectively. It will help transform your workflow, sharpen your messaging, and elevate your creative output. Ideal for designers eager to improve their intake process and amplify their clients' success.

List Price: $97

This is a promotional image featuring a digital "Brand Kit" that includes tools such as a workbook, mood board templates, and a progress tracker.

The Essential Brand Toolkit
Sonia Moroni Duru

Build or revamp your brand at your own pace with this step-by-step brand toolkit.

Whether you’re starting your brand from scratch or you simply want to double-check check you’re doing things correctly, this template can be your guide. It’s filled with case studies, Canva templates, cheat sheets and video resources on how to build a profitable yet relatable brand that fits like a glove.

List Price: $97

Two tablets displaying e-books about ChatGPT prompts for designers, featuring a smiling person on the cover, set against a floral backdrop.

50 ChatGPT Power Prompts for Designers + 5 Email Scripts
Emma Kate

Become a ChatGPT whiz with 50 bespoke power prompts that are perfect for us designers. To help you unlock design inspiration, say goodbye to pesky coding & web design issues, charm the pants off clients, write emails & social captions in a flash and so much more. Plus, I'm throwing in five ready-to-use ChatGPT-generated email scripts that'll help you land new projects and keep your clients happy.

List Price: $49

This image displays a tablet and several documents labeled "Effortless Client Communication Library" on a beige background, suggesting a professional business resource.

Effortless Client Communication Library
Foxtrot Branding

Is constantly writing project messages from scratch getting exhausting? Or do you feel like you’re running in circles trying to nail down a professional process and system for communicating with clients?

This comprehensive library of pre-written, fill-in-the-blank project message templates is the key to eliminating self-doubt, saving precious design time, and ensuring you never miss a step or leave out crucial project info.

As a bonus, you also get exclusive message templates for what to say in some of the most common difficult client situations (based on how we’ve successfully navigated these types of situations over the years).

List Price: $49

The image shows a smiling person pointing at a clipboard with a checklist titled "WEB DESIGN PROCESS CHECKLIST" against a blue backdrop.

Josh's Web Design Process Checklist
Josh Hall of Web Designer PRO™

Learn how to plan, build and launch websites quickly and profitably with my done-for-you my 5-phase, 50-step Web Design Process SOP.

List Price: $47

An array of digital devices displaying content strategy and planning tools, such as a calendar, playbook, and guides with some text visible.

The Designer's Content Playbook
Gigi Davarashvili

The Designer’s Content Playbook has been crafted specifically for brand and web designers to help them connect and engage with ideal clients, build trust through value-packed content, and sell their services with confidence. Inside you will find 150+ high-converting content ideas, lead magnet ideas, blog post ideas, short form video ideas and more.

List Price: $47

An open laptop displaying a client project dashboard with sections like Welcome, Contact Summary, and Quick Links. The image conveys a professional, organized workflow.

Client Project Dashboard
Racheal Graham of Greenhouse Creative

This ClickUp template for web designers is designed to streamline project management and make it easy for your clients to see project updates on their terms. No need for clients to sign up, log in or endure lots of meetings and emails. You'll also receive a simple video tutorial to show you how to use it and make it yours.

List Price: $39

The image features the text "justsans" in bold sans-serif typography, followed by a trademark symbol. It's labeled as "clean," "elegant," and "expressive."

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Font Family
Jacob Cass

Meet JUST Sans, a brand new sans serif – with bite.

JUST Sans is a highly versatile typeface with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

For lovers of modern sans serif fonts who are looking for something a tad more warm, open & expressive, JUST Sans is for you.

Includes 7 weights and variable font.

List Price: $29

This image features a promotional graphic for lead magnet ideas targeted at designers and copywriters, with text overlays and a photograph of a person working.

Skyrocket Your Subscribers: 25+ Unique Lead Magnet Ideas for Designers & Copywriters

Ann Koppuzha

🚀 Skyrocket Your Subscribers: 25+ Unique Lead Magnet Ideas! is your ultimate companion to kickstart an impressive email marketing strategy. Curated specifically for designers & copywriters, it brims with 25+ unique, practical, and powerful lead magnet ideas to draw in potential clients and grow your email list. 📈

List Price: $25

Courses + Guides

A collage showing a laptop, notebooks, and framed pictures with "GORGEOUS designers" written in elegant script, suggesting a professional, creative workspace.

Gorgeous Designers Showit Course
Mindy Vasalle of Brand Me Gorgeous

An entire intensive design course to learn Showit first by building from scratch then learn to take what you learned into building templates. You will learn how to build fabulous & gorgeous websites, even if your brand now to Showit. This course is paired with mentoring and a growing helpful community. Let's take you from start to style to selling!

List Price: $1,500

A person is focused on a graphic design project on a computer in a well-lit room. Text "YouTube Traffic System" overlays part of the image.

YouTube Traffic System
Chris Badgett, LifterLMS

Unlock the potential of YouTube to drive a consistent flow of ideal client leads directly to your business with the YouTube Traffic System Course. Master the art of crafting 3 strategic videos that magnetize your perfect clients, elevating your agency's visibility and revenue. Transform your approach to client acquisition and watch your business thrive as you harness the power of targeted YouTube content.

List Price: $500

The image shows an assorted collection of printed materials and a digital device screen related to "The CEO Sleep Lab," focusing on routines for improved sleep.

Unlock Your Brain: High Performance Wind Down Routines for Entrepreneurs
Tanessa Shears

With 6 video lessons, accompanying digital notes and sample wind down routines, you're going to finally understand how to turn off a noisy brain, create a science based wind down routine and get really good sleep.

List Price: $197

Case Study Recipe (PowerPack) - Danbee

Case Study Recipe
Danbee Shin

If you want to sell high-ticket client website projects, stop creating lead magnets or Instagram reels.

Instead, create a case study that:

✅ Demonstrates your expertise and skills
✅ Highlights the info that clients are looking for when choosing a web designer
✅ Positions you as your clients’ strategic partner (not a pixel pusher)

Want the step-by-step process for creating a case study like this? This course is for you.

List Price: $125

The image features promotional content for a "Client Attraction Masterclass" with text on how to attract clients, accompanied by a smiling person and the name Steve Schramm.

Get Them Chasing You Instead
Steve Schramm

In this informative masterclass led by Steve Schramm, he breaks down the concept of moving away from the exhausting traditional method of chasing leads for business and transitioning towards attracting leads. The training revolves around the importance of changing your mindset to attract customers and make them chase you instead. Steve highlights the drawbacks of the old approach involving laborious activity, rejection, and inefficient methods like cold calling and emailing. He then introduces the 'magnetic attraction' principle, creating marketing material that attracts the right customers and repels the wrong ones.

List Price: $97

The image portrays a digital workspace with a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone displaying content related to "The Wealthy Client Blueprint."

The Wealthy Client Blueprint
Kady Sandel

The Wealthy Client Blueprint is a proven 4-step process for attracting high-paying design clients. You will learn how to identify your ideal 5-figure design client, understand their unique needs, discover where to find them, and how to successfully acquire them. This workshop series is designed for designers who struggle to consistently land high-paying clients (at least $10k) in their business.

List Price: $27

Collection of digital marketing materials, including ebooks, workbooks, and online course interfaces, with promotional messages and a person holding a sign.

Freelance CEO FastStart Design Business ToolKit™
Mat Casner of Freelance CEO

The Freelance CEO FastStart ToolKit™ is a collection of essential tools and training designed especially for design business owners. I designed it to help you cover all your bases as a freelancer—because to be totally honest, if you don’t know what you’re doing, freelancing can be a painful grind.

List Price: $27


This is a screenshot of a financial coaching website's homepage featuring a call to action to transform financial life, targeting ambitious individuals, emphasizing clarity and confidence.

The Financial Wellness Circle: Where Financial Therapy Meets Business Growth
Michelle Steward

Get a 1-Month Complimentary membership to the Financial Wellness Circle - a groundbreaking membership where business owners discover the powerful intersection of financial therapy and business growth. Through expert-curated content, including financial tools, strategies, and mindset resources, members embark on a transformative journey to cultivate a healthier relationship with money while unlocking their business's full potential.

List Price: $49


This illustration shows two stylized figures interacting with a large computer monitor displaying "The High-End Web Designer™ WORKSHOP SERIES", in soft pastel colors.

The High-End Web Designer Workshop Series
Chaitra Radhakrishna of PinkPot Studio

You might have heard other designers charging $10k+ for their web design projects, raise your hand if you‘ve ever wondered what really makes those projects so high-end?

In this workshop series, we break it all down and give you the BTS of the business model, strategy and the processes you need to land $10k websites consistently in your design studio.

List Price: $197

This image shows various graphical elements like laptops and documents with texts related to marketing strategies, such as "Create Your Offer" and "Pitch Your Offer."

Launch Your VIP Day On-Demand Workshop
Sarah Masci

The Launch Your VIP Day Workshop is our proven roadmap to get started with VIP Days, so you can ditch burnout once and for all, and fall back in love with your business.

List Price: $197

This image is a colorful advertisement for a planning and productivity workshop focused on quarterly planning, scheduled for April 1, 2024, on Zoom.

Planning Productivity and Periods: Q2 Planning Workshop
Tiffany Souhrada

This planning workshop takes you through the steps of crafting a quarterly plan on the foundation of your menstrual cycle so you can be more proactive and less reactive in your business.

List Price: $44

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